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Commercial Transactions

McGinn Law Offices’ offers a full range of corporate legal services including all forms of merger, acquisition, joint venture, and financing transactions, and all aspects of buying and selling businesses.

Buy & Sell Agreements

Every purchase or sale of a business is complex. No matter the size of the business is question, the careful buyer or seller has a long list of considerations to review to ensure that the deal is prudent and secure.

IRS & DOR Representation

The attorneys at McGinn Law, PC provide representation and advice for individuals and corporations in all tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division, and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Tax Structuring

There is a tax aspect to almost every corporate transaction. Sometimes this tax issue may be clear, but more important are the significant tax issues that are often not obvious to anyone not trained as a tax lawyer.

Business Mediation

McGinn Law’s family business mediation services will provide you with a comprehensive program to resolve problems that have arisen in the course of running a partnership, family business, or a closely-held enterprise.

Business Litigation

The Massachusetts litigation attorneys at McGinn Law, PC handle a diverse array of civil litigation. At the outset of each case, we work with our client to assess strategy and develop a plan focused on the most cost effective steps to achieve the client’s goal.

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