Tax Law

IRS Audits

The Internal Revenue Service has increased the number of tax returns that are selected for an IRS audit. However annually only about one percent of Americans are audited.

IRS Appeals Process

The IRS Tax Appeal process is typically the last, and can be the best option, a taxpayer may have to resolve his or her tax problem before going to Tax Court (or District Court if your pay the disputed tax).

Mass DOR Collections and Appeals

There are many steps required before the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (“DOR”) can start the collection process and obtain a tax lien or levy.

Tax Questions

What is a Tax Lien

Liens are tools that creditors use in order to secure debts. It is a security interest granted on items of property.

Removing a Tax Lien

The IRS states that they will release a lien either within 30 days after the tax debt is satisfied by paying the debt or having it adjusted, or within 30 days after the IRS accepts a bond submitted by the taxpayer, guaranteeing payment of the debt. Selling the property secured by the lien may also qualify the taxpayer to file a Certificate of Discharge.

What Happens if my Property has a Lien

Because liens defeat subsequent security interests in property, you likely will no longer have the ability to use your property as collateral against any loans while the lien is in effect.

Tax Programs

Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS introduced a new Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program in January 2012. It is based on the 2011 program and currently is open ended.

Current State of Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS recently reported that they had received 15,000 applications for the Voluntary Disclosure Program (“VDP”) while the program was officially open and another 3,000 since the program was closed late in 2009.

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