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Massachusetts Divorce Mediation Lawyer

McGinn Law mediators will help you settle your divorce or custody issues in a fair and practical manner. McGinn Law PC offers a process you can trust to help you both work through and resolve the issues that need to be decided in a divorce.

Divorce Mediation is:

McGinn Law mediators will work with the parties to craft a settlement that works for you and for your family. Our mediators will help you find options, get the information needed to make informed decisions, and assist you in developing your own agreements, and keep you in control over your future.

Mediation has proven of great value to people in resolving the terms of their divorce, temporary separation, post-marital and pre-marital agreements.  It can work to find solutions for all your divorce issues, or just part of the issues.   It can be used any or all of the agreements around child custody and parenting schedules, child support, alimony and property division.

Divorce is a stressful and complex experience. There is a need for a clear plan and understandable solutions that are carefully developed by you, with the aid of the divorce mediators you can reduce the stress of going to court and negotiating through attorneys.  Obtaining a satisfactory divorce mediation requires work and a commitment from both parties, but the end result is an agreement which you both agree.

McGinn Law mediators usually spend about an hour and a half talking about mediation and your questions, and do not charge for the first half hour. McGinn Law mediators’ hourly rate is $250, which people usually agree to split in some way. Most couples do not require more than 12 hours of mediation to obtain the mutually reached Agreement, depending upon the complexity of the dispute.

Massachusetts Divorce Mediation Services

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