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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions


Selecting a law firm to embody you and your case is one of the most important decisions you can make. We understand that your issue is significant to you, and selecting the right firm and attorneys to signify you could make the change for your case. McGinn Law Firm is a tax law firm with dedicated trial attorneys with combined experience. Since we are a tax firm, we can dedicate the appropriate resources and time to manage your case.

At McGinn Law Firm, we handle claims at all levels of litigation. Our practice areas include Business Law, tax law, estate planning, mediation, and probate administration and divorces in Massachusetts.

You should come to our workplace to familiarize yourself with the staff who will be diligently functioning on your case. Though, when it is not conceivable for you to go to our office, we can plan a date and time to see you at a more suitable place. In addition, we can enable business electronically to protect your time and money.

We want to guarantee that our clients know well about their legal rights. Therefore, we offer consultations to our clients at the most reasonable charges.

You can believe in having skilled trial attorneys at your disposal. Attorneys whom prior clients and other lawyers are willing to refer due to their knowledge of our unique legal strengths to attain favorable results for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Answers

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party supports communication between the parties.  The role of the mediator is to will assist in identifying issues, and help explore solutions to find a settlement that all parties are satisfied with.  A mediator is not a judge. The parties are in charge of crafting their own settlement.

Mediation allows the parties to find a solution to their dispute.  In the traditional court process, the judge rules on the outcome of the case.  In mediation you are in control.  As important, mediation is less damaging to ongoing relationships.

Mediation can be scheduled at the parties’ convenience.  Please call us at McGinn Law, PC 617 229 9974.

Mediator sets an hourly fee.  At McGinn Law, PC, our mediators charge $250 an hour. Payment arrangements are made between the interested persons and the mediator.

The parties and the mediator choose the meeting place, as well as the dates and times of the meeting. Generally, McGinn Law mediations are conducted in our Danvers or Cambridge offices.

The mediator will explain the mediation process, discuss any facts and issues involved with the parties, and establish some ground rules. Generally, a mediation session will last two hours.

Probate mediation is used to resolve disputes that arise within matters normally heard in probate court, e.g., arguments concerning the administration of an estate or a trust.

Often times settling the estate of a family member will create conflict among family members.  The conflicts may include disagreements regarding how to divide property, the validity of a will, or disagreements about the interpretation of a will.  Because these conflicts are emotionally charged, it is difficult to find a common ground without the assist of a neutral third party, such as a mediator.

The mediation process involves the use of a neutral to work with parties involved in an argument to develop a settlement that is satisfactory to all.  The mediation process has a number of advantages compared to going to court.

1.   The Parties are in Charge – Mediation is different from litigation in that it is the parties, working with the mediator, who decide how to resolve the dispute.  The mediator is not a judge.  The mediator’s role is to facilitate the development of an outcome that is agreeable to all parties. Once the parties reach a settlement, the mediator can formalize the settlement it in a written agreement that is legally binding on all the parties.

2.   Flexibility – Because the resolution of the conflict is developed by the parties and mediator, there is flexibility in crafting a solution.

3.   Preserving Relationships – Probate disputes most often arise among individuals who have relationships with each other and going through a court proceeding to resolve such disputes often intensifies animosities.  In contrast, the mediator, whose role as a neutral third party is to develop communication, and create a settlement.

4.   Efficiency – Mediation can be scheduled at the parties’ convenience.

5.   Confidentiality – All conversations held during mediation are confidential. This is in contrast to court proceedings, which are publicly held.

They certainly must be. Many mediators are related to one or more provider institutions and implement their Code of Conduct. You should always ask to see a code duplicate and be sure you are contented with it. Most mediators also carry a professional insurance policy, which is also wise to verify.

If you are planning for a divorce or its mediation, follow the following tips:
• Find a firm for divorce mediation in Massachusetts.
• Go through the divorce mediation checklist template.
• Read the separation agreement Massachusetts offers.
• Read the postnuptial agreement Massachusetts offers.
• Read the prenuptial agreement Massachusetts offers.
• Go through divorce papers ma offers.
• Prepare a divorce planning worksheet.
• Read divorce care workbook pdf
• Check previous divorce records Massachusetts has.
• Read about uncontested divorce in MA.
• Contact divorce lawyers Massachusetts have.

Yes definitely. Personal injury lawyers support their client’s protected compensation for losses incurred. These losses comprise the loss of capacity to earn, inability to execute everyday duties, suffering, and pain. They also have expenses that may arise, the loss of companionship, legal costs, emotional distress, and attorney fees.

When your lawyer is not struggling for you, you have every right to fire that attorney and get a replacement. You may have the right to sue if the attorney violated professional codes of ethics.

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