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Estate Planning Attorney

The taxation and Estate Planning Attorneys at McGinn Law, PC, understand that estate planning is vital to your family’s financial planning.

At McGinn Law, PC, we work closely with individuals, business owners or executives, and their families to manage and protect their wealth, address the relevant legal requirements and tax implications, and help them plan for the future and their loved ones. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise to handle these sensitive and critically essential matters reliably and efficiently.

Putting a will or trust in place is a meaningful statement for your loved ones. Basic estate planning can ensure tax savings, management of your financial affairs and medical care in the event of incapacity, and orderly and efficient distribution of your assets.

While many consider estate planning a commodity, it can significantly affect businesses and stakeholders regarding transition, compensation, and employment. We counsel clients on closely held business interests, stock holdings, taxation, and complex family situations.

In addition to estate planning services, our law firm administers estates in probate and manages probate litigation related to will contests and related disputes.



Wills and trusts are legal tools that can be structured in such a way as to give you maximum control over your assets both during your life and after your death. Without a proper estate plan that includes a will and different types of trusts, as necessary, the state government will distribute your assets after your death, and your wishes — or the wishes of your family — will not be considered.

When properly constructed, wills and trusts also protect as many assets as possible from estate taxes (sometimes called “death taxes” or the “sponge tax” in Massachusetts.

At McGinn Law, PC, our primary goal for all our clients is to help them recognize and minimize the negative financial consequences of all legal transactions — including creating an estate plan.

Attorneys run our law firm with advanced legal degrees in U.S. tax law and significant practical experience crafting estate plans for middle-income and high-income individuals. We also create estate plans for businesses, which is sometimes known as succession planning.

A proper estate plan — including a will and trusts, as necessary — may save you and your heir’s money on probate expenses and often on estate taxes, gift taxes, and the generation-skipping (GST) tax.