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Massachusetts Tax Attorney

The Massachusetts tax attorneys at McGinn Law, PC provides representation and advice for individuals and corporations in all tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS), the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (MA DOR), and the U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division, and Criminal Division.

McGinn Law, PC represents taxpayers in audits, offers in compromise, installment agreements, civil penalties, waiver of penalties for income taxes, employment taxes (940 and 941), and corporate and sales taxes. The process of audit, investigation, and the taxpayer’s right to appeal is controlled by strict procedural requirements of both the IRS and the taxpayer. In addition to carrying their load of evidence, each side must follow specific procedural steps to avoid losing their case. The burden of proof is often on the taxpayer.


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Tax liens are tools that creditors use in order to secure debts. It is a security interest granted on items of property.

The IRS states that they will release a lien within 30 days after the tax debt is satisfied by paying the debt or having it adjusted or within 30 days after the IRS accepts a bond submitted by the taxpayer, guaranteeing payment of the debt. Selling the property secured by the lien may also qualify the taxpayer to file a Certificate of Discharge.

Because liens defeat subsequent security interests in property, you likely will no longer be able to use your property as collateral against any loans while the lien is in effect.


Tax Programs


The IRS introduced a new Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program in January 2012. It is based on the 2011 program and currently is open ended.


The IRS recently reported that they received 15,000 applications for the Voluntary Disclosure Program (“VDP”) while the program was officially open and another 3,000 since it was closed late in 2009.


McGinn Law, PC satisfies your tax and financial reporting requirements with experienced tax professionals independent of your organization’s audit firm. Auditors of publicly traded companies are prohibited from accounting for income tax services due to conflicts of interest. Our attorneys serve as a practical solution to perform services that often are difficult for other organizations.

Our advocates have years of attentive practice in tax law and tax litigation. Our attorneys handle every individual and corporate tax debate, from income and service taxes to offshore compliance. Our in-depth information and courtroom experience enable us to deliver tailored resolutions for your tax law challenges.

We want you to be able to continue working and living your life while we work to resolve the tax issues. We understand when it is in the best interests of our customers to proceed with the tax collection process. We are highly skilled at structuring minimal and manageable payments over many years for clients who owe money to the tax authorities. Remember, our goal is to keep you alive while you live. If you need a lawyer for taxes, trade, mediation, marketing, or personal issues, please get in touch with us.

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