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Business Mediation

Choose McGinn Law PC as your Business Mediation Lawyer

McGinn Law’s family business mediation services will provide you with a comprehensive program to resolve problems that have arisen in the course of running a partnership, family business, or a closely-held enterprise.

At McGinn Law we have the practical experience and academic skill to facilitate a successful mediation result. Our mediators understand that partnership or family business mediation involves complex business and personal relationships. McGinn Law mediators assist partners, family-owned businesses, and entrepreneurs to communicate and create effective business plans.

Mediation in business matters has similar benefits to other areas of mediation:

Business mediation manages difficult communication issues that develop when business ventures are formed, when a business considers expansion, or when a business dissolves.  At McGinn Law, our mediators bring a business perspective to the mediation that helps creates a process in which mutually agreed upon resolutions can be created.   Ideally the business mediation process will foster an on-going and profitable relationship.

If you are involved in a business dispute, please consider our mediation services as the most cost-effective and comprehensive method to provide a complete and confidential resolution to all of your concerns.

Massachusetts Mediation Business Services

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