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IRS Audits

Choose McGinn Law, PC for your IRS Audits

The Internal Revenue Service has increased the number of tax returns that are selected for an IRS audit.  However annually only about one percent of Americans are audited.

Find Representation Before Your IRS Audit

Do not make the common mistake and talk to the IRS first and then come see a tax lawyer or CPA. Auditors like to make unannounced drop-by meetings at your place of business or personal residence. You are fully with in your right to ask that the meeting be rescheduled to another place and time. You can request any meeting with the IRS to be at a neutral location. Just remember, the IRS auditor is just doing his or her job, and you must take every precaution to protect yourself

If you are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service and you want to protect your rights and be treated fairly, call the Massachusetts Tax Attorneys at McGinn Law Offices, PC at (617) 229 9974 for a consultation.

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