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Mass DOR Collections
and Appeals

There are many steps required before the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (“DOR”) can start the collection process and obtain a tax lien or levy. If the taxpayer has been paying attention or has been properly represented, the taxpayer should have had many opportunities to find a resolution before the collection and lien process starts.
As you may have already found out, continuing to ignore the DOR is NOT going to make the problem go away or get any smaller. You have made it this far to exploring your options, do yourself a favor and review these materials and then response to the IRS either on your own or with a tax attorney or CPA.

How Do I Get Started with Mass DOR Collections and Appeals

You can contact us at 617 229 9974 or 978 406 9035, or by emailing the Massachusetts and Federal Tax Attorney Tax Attorneys McGinn Law, PC. We offer a confidential consultation to assess your needs and recommend a specific course of action.

The Massachusetts Tax Attorneys at McGinn Law, PC represent clients throughout greater Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and (for representation with the IRS) across the United States.

The Tax Attorneys at McGinn Law, PC assists individuals and businesses in resolving federal tax issues and state tax issues. We also help our tax clients implement plans to avoid future IRS problems.

If you need help with an Mass DOR tax issue, call the Massachusetts Tax Attorneys at McGinn Law, PC free at 617 903-7LAW (7529) for a consultation.

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Here is a list of the tax services that McGinn Law, PC provides and the federal tax issues we resolve every day for our clients:

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