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Probate and
Estate Mediation

Choose McGinn Law, PC for your Probate and Estate Mediation

The probate and estate mediators at McGinn Law, PC understand the emotion surrounding settling a family member’s estate. Our mediators work with all involved parties to develop a solution that not only preserves the value of the estate, but also provides for on-going communication among family members.

Mediation in probate and estate matters has similar benefits to other areas of mediation:

Often in a dispute over an inheritance, a party is motivated, not by what they want, but rather what the party does not want another part to have. A McGinn Law mediator will help the parties identify any underlying motivation and facilitate a discussion to discover solutions.

The mediation process can create an environment to achieve a fair and realistic outcome that is acceptable to the people involved.  Estate mediation brings clients with disputes related to the administration of estates together with a view to their jointly working out a mutually satisfactory resolution of the areas in dispute with the help of a neutral mediator.

At the end of the estate planning mediation session, you will be provided with well-crafted uniquely tailored informed settlement plan.

Massachusetts Mediation Probate and Estate Services

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